Author - Greater East Apprenticeship


Sulfates breakdown the proteins in the hair, proteins that your hair needs to remain healthy. Sulfates can leave a thick residue on the hair, which is why your hair seems so ‘soft’ and ‘clean’ after using these products. Sulfates can dry out your hair and scalp, causing irritation. A big issue with sulfates is the fact that they are not color protectant. Wether you’re a nice natural color or a fun vivid color, the sulfates can wash the color right out. As a hairstylist, I always recommend a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to guests.

Parabens are put into most of our beauty products so they are able to have a shelf life. They are said to mimic estrogen in the body, which is why it is said to be linked to breast cancer. It is also said that parabens can be stored in the body for long periods of time, which in turn can cause health risks over time



As our ideas morphed and changed, the event began to get a bit complicated. With so many factors and questions to answer, we approached a pivotal moment for our event. After much deliberation, we decided that the solution was to keep things very simple. Our goal would be to target people like us: hairdressers and any other creative beings who wanted to attend. Amidst the planning and chaos, we had another debate: what will we call it?

We needed something fun, creative, artistic, direct, catchy, easy… to say we were struggling would be an understatement! Every team member threw out multiple many ideas, but nothing felt right. We made long lists of words and phrases, we searched through blogs about naming events, but still nothing stuck. Finally, on a full month later, in the break room at our salon, Wig Out! was named. We all immediately loved it and knew it was the perfect fit for our vision of the night.