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Greater East Bay Barber/Cosmetology Apprenticeship Training Alameda/ Contra Costa and Surrounding Counties
Apprentices will help fill your style chairs and assist in bringing fresh clientele

  • Eliminates need for expensive recruitment programs; people are already trained.
  • Creates a diversified and flexible workforce and a larger pool of employees with specific skills.
  • Increases productivity; employees in a structured training program are motivated to achieve.
  • Uses available local education provider facilities for required related classroom instruction! So Your Salon is ONLY Responsible for Practical!

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The ability to read, write and speak well is beneficial. Physical fitness, a good sense of balance, eye-hand coordination, color sense, agility, strength, ability to work at heights and mechanical aptitude are desirable qualifications in many skilled occupations and one or more of these are essential in others. Ability to work with others, good personality, and neat appearance are necessary in most trades, particularly where contact with the public is involved.
In many skilled occupations, persons with a high school diploma or its equivalent are preferred

How apprenticeship programs operate

The training is supervised by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) – sometimes called the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC), or a Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee (UAC).
Apprentices attend classes of related technical instruction, usually. This instruction, supplementing the training on the job, gives apprentices a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical aspects of their work.
Related instruction is one of the fundamental features of apprenticeship and has been developed and accepted as standard practice in every trade.

The Greater East Bay Apprenticeship Program is an earn while you learn workforce development program, which is designed for individuals aspiring to become a Cosmetologist or Barbe

VA Approved/ Equal Opportunity Employer

Upon successful completion of training, they are issued a “Certificate of Completion” by the State of California.

Each apprentice signs an apprentice agreement either with a JAC, UAC or an individual employer. This agreement is filed with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

Apprentices are usually required to furnish their own hand tools.

Qualifications for apprenticeship

In many cases the local apprenticeship committees have guidelines in the form of national and/or statewide standards recommended by the advisory organizations. But these are minimums and the local groups usually have complete autonomy in developing and administering their own programs.
Apprenticeship is a system of learning while earning, and “learning by doing.” It combines training on the job with related and supplemental instruction at school.
The joint apprenticeship committee determines the standards for training of its occupation and supervises the training of apprentices.