No. GEBBCA does not offer a payment plan, we do give the option to pay a down payment towards the registration fee of $975.00 with the down payment amount of $400.00 minimum,  remaining balance due on or before the first class day or no later than the third (3rd day of Pre Apprenticeship).

Yes! We offer courses for Spanish speaking apprentices with an instructor that is fluent in both English and Spanish.

The Board recommends that you investigate prospective Program Sponsors in order to be aware of all potential expenses before you enter the Apprenticeship Program.

On occasion, GEBBCA will offer scholarships towards registration fee discounts, but we do not offer “formal financial aid”.  We do accept payments from Vocational Rehabilitation and Cal Works or any other private organization that an individual can gain assistance.

Yes, as long as you have a licensee employed in your salon within your scope of apprenticeship, however, Worker’s Compensation insurance is required for ALL establishments training apprentices and  you can not purchase this insurance for yourself.

The Board requires a $25.00 licensing fee to be paid for your apprentice license.

Yes. However, all work that you perform on clients must be done under the direct supervision of your trainer in the approved establishment listed on your license.

The first thing you need to do is find a program sponsor, please see the attached approved listing of Program Sponsors.

The Board requires that each apprentice may only work under the direct supervision of their approved trainer. If your trainer must take a day or two off due to illness, etc., you may not continue to work without your trainer present. If your trainer must take an extended leave of absence, it may become necessary for you to transfer to another trainer.

No. The Related Training (216 hours for Barbering and 220 hours for Cosmetology) is in addition to your 3,200 clocked hours.

No.  The required 3200 hours of OJT and 240 hours of related instruction is the same across the board.

All licensed individuals, including apprentices, must have a current, valid, government issued, photographic identification with them while they are working in an establishment. If you do not drive, you may receive California Identification from the California Department of Motor Vehicle. A list of acceptable identifications can be found in this handbook.

If you decide to leave the program permanently or for an extended period of time which would prevent you from completing the required curriculum (on-the-job training and related training) hours within the years that your license is valid, your program sponsor must complete a Verification of Training. This completed and signed verification must be submitted along with your apprentice license to the Board. Your earned on-the-job training hours and operations, related training, and pre-apprentice training are retained for three years should you decide to reenroll.

Unfortunately not, however, we can issue credit for certain practical work processes on a case by case basis.

In many instances, there is a re-enrollment administrative fee required to return to GEBBCA, it is a case by case situation.

Not necessarily. You must complete 3,200 clock-hours of training as well as the related classroom training. If you work full time with no interruptions in your training, it is possible to complete the program in approximately 19months.

No. Anyone who is currently licensed by the Board as a Barber or Cosmetologist may become a trainer. A trainer may be the owner or employee of a licensed establishment and must be in good standing with the Board. Your trainer must be licensed in your chosen course of study (i.e., same scope of practice).

Yes, as long as you apply for the license examination. You may continue to work for three months after you have completed the program requirements or until your license expires, whichever comes first.

All apprentices must work a minimum of 32-hours in their training establishment to receive hours necessary. Apprentice licenses are the property of the training salon and are non transferable.

No. At this time the apprentice program is for Barber and Cosmetology apprentices only. If you desire to become a Manicurist or an Esthetician, you will need to contact a School of Cosmetology for available courses.

No. Your clock-hours and operations accumulated in a , school of Barbering or Cosmetology are non-transferable to the Apprentice Program.